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October 2010


Shooting Abby in the Woods

A few weekends ago, I had my first “official” shoot with a model. Of course I had taken pictures of friends and event guests, but I had never set up a location, had the model arrive, and just shoot for an hour. The results were quite pleasing 🙂

Fortunately, I have some beautiful friends, and Abby was willing to come out and let me experiment with her through my first model shoot. I believe we were both nervous, but each loosened up and we were able to get some really nice shots. She had quite a bit of helpful input, which I greatly appreciated since I was still figuring out what to do. We each climbed trees to try different angles, laughed at ourselves a few times, and worked together for what I consider to be a very successful shoot.

I had her come to my property, as there was an area in the woods I wanted to use, and we had a short hike to get on location. Along the walk, there is a shelter harboring several things including a ’58 VW. I asked Abby to strike a certain pose on the car, she nailed it, and it became the common favorite from the shoot. Completely unplanned and spontaneous with me only snapping one picture, yet it is arguably the best from this shoot. Lesson learned. Look forward to more spontaneity and more model shoots!

Brian’s Introductary Flight Lesson

Brian Deegan has been skydiving for 7 years, and is certainly no stranger to a Cessna aircraft. Earlier this week was his first experience as pilot, with an introductory flight lesson at University Air Center in Gainesville, FL.

The lesson began with pre-flight checks for the plane. The Cessna-192 was glistening in the early morning sun with dew still hanging on its wings. Brian and his instructor carefully checked all of the safety lights inside and out of the craft before moving on to check the fuel valves along the exterior of the plane. After some ground instruction and all of the safety checks, Brian took the pilot’s seat and began his first taxi on the tarmac.

Even though this was his first time piloting an aircraft –ever- the instructor had enough confidence in his ability to allow Brian the privilege of taking off. After reaching optimal speed, one steady pull on the controls and they were airborne. The next half hour was a glorious experience of cruising over his hometown of Gainesville, practicing turns in the plane, and even experiencing the “zero-g” effect. After his instructor showed him how and performed a “zero-g” maneuver, Brian had his turn. Needless to say, the introductory lesson was an amazing, and addicting, experience. I’m grateful to have been welcome on the tarmac with them and allowed to take picture of the beautiful plane.

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