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My name is Stefanie Crockett and I’ve been looking at the world through a viewfinder professionally since 2007. Adventure and photography are my two greatest passions, so of course I had to find a way to combine them. Working for Swaggerjack Productions afforded me the travel opportunities which allowed my talent to blossom. I take great pride in getting the best possible picture to capture the moment effectively. I minimize any post-shooting editing by striving to use my settings creatively to get the desired image.

It all started with sports; mainly surfing, kayak surfing, biking, and BMX coverage. I enjoyed the excitement of the activities as well as participating in the sport. From the untouched beaches in Costa Rica to the remote shores of Oahu, Hawaii, I have meticulously followed surfers to get their best waves and help spread their passion for the sport through amazing imagery. The courage and skill required to perform stunts on a bike, be it a mountain bike or BMX, is extraordinary. Young athletes will throw themselves and their bikes down on the concrete time and time again until they hit the ramp just right and nail their trick. With this much dedication and will, it is inspiring to catch them at the peak of their performance, mastering the trick that had befuddled them for weeks prior. These athletes have such a great passion for what they do, it only pushes my passion for photography further.

While traveling to follow different surf competitions, bike competitions, and even alligator wrestling competitions, I was able to see a vast amount of our beautiful country. All the natural beauty and wildlife was prime for shooting, and my repertoire expanded to landscapes and nature photography. I love just taking long walks with my camera and seeing what I find. Whether it’s an eerie dead tree, a majestic bald eagle, or an elusive owl, it is beautiful and a joy to capture from my perspective. Photography is art and is all about how the artist perceives the world, for every picture is just one perspective. There is always something beautiful just waiting to be shot- with a camera of course.

More recently, I have started event photography and modeling portraits. It’s all about capturing a memory to be cherished for years to come. If someone is having a grand celebration, I love shooting all of the candid moments the host doesn’t usually see and catching the group shots. I also absolutely love food. Bar-b-Que, sushi, steak, hamburgers; I love them all! Food photography and restaurant reviews have also been a focus over the past year- just another way to continue developing my passion! I’m not alone either; I have trained multiple assistants to accompany me when I need a second set of eyes working another camera.

So, why the name? Prost!Photography is a mix of German and English. Obviously, Photography is the English portion, but “Prost” is the German equivalent of “Cheers!” I have yet to attend a sporting event that didn’t (at one point) offer beer and spirits, and typical party-type events will also have spirits; making “Prost” a perfect title for my desired work. I shoot primarily with a Nikon D7100, backup with a Nikon D3200 and mostly Nikkor lenses with one Promaster.
Prost!Photography is available for nearly any event, schedule pending, so contact us soon for booking!!

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