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As a developing photographer, I would take any opportunity I could in order to practice my photog skills. This led me to the Tarcoles river in Jaco, Costa Rica covering a man hand-feed Central America’s largest crocodile, to the tropical beaches of Hawaii covering kayak surfing, and even to Colorado (of all places) to capture amateur alligator-wrestling. I have covered everything from wedding receptions to pee-wee baseball games to mass mud-run obstacle course events. At this point in my career, no job seems intimidating; when you’re chest-deep in a murky swamp following a student and teacher make their way towards capturing an alligator with their bare hands, no other photo gig seems scary. I take pride in my work and strive to deliver the best results possible, no matter the circumstances. I also appreciate a good challenge- the more difficult the environment, the more rewarding the results are.


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